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If you like nature, fun, sport and culture we offer you an opportunity to get to know Osijek and it's surroundings by bike.

Osijek is a great city for riding a bike. From beautiful secession avenue, through green parks, to Tvrđa and promenade by river Drava. Courageous can even visit Kopački rit, we are sure you are going to love our wonderful plain.

If you decide to rent a bike during your stay in the hotel we offer you accommodation prices with rent included.

  • single room BBB* 390,00 kn
  • double bed room BBB* per person 310,00 kn

*BBB (bed /breakfast/bike)

The price includes:

  • overnight and breakfast
  • whole day rent abike
  • lunch/dinner in Tvrđa or Baranja
  • "travel" non-alcoholic refreshment

Offer stands for individual guests
For more information and reservation contact us, tel: 031 283 399 or at info@hotel-central-os.hr


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