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Antiques fair Osijek

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Antiques Fair takes place every first Saturday in a month in a historic part of the town Tvrđa. If you are an antique lover this fair is certainly the right place for you.

Book your accommodation at a special price and enjoy other privileges of your choice:

  • a ticket for the Museum of Slavonia
  • a ticket for the Archaeological Museum
  • bicycles

Offer stands for individual guests.

In case you would like to get to know Osijek and its surroundings we can offer tailor made activities (escorted sightseeing tours of Osijek, Baranya, wine roads of Baranya, Erdut , Vukovar and Ilok,, visiting a farm of your choice, or active holiday in nature).

We are here at your disposal and we will do our best to make sure you go back home with most memorable experience so we can welcome you again at our hotel.

For further information and reservations contact us on: 031 283 299 or via e-mail info@hotel-central-os.hr


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